An accessory for hockey fans who aren’t watching the Stanley Cup Finals

Tokens-icons-hockey-puck-cufflinksWe were browsing The Trades this morning when we saw this disconerting headline:

TV Ratings: Rising ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Tops Stanley Cup Finals

Interesting. Just to fill you in, here’s ESPN‘s breakdown of what you missed while you were watching talent show auditions: “Anze Kopitar scored a spectacular goal on a breakaway with 11:47 left in overtime Wednesday night and the Kings beat the Devils 2-1 in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals.”

With shows like The Bachelorette and Secret Millionaire facing off against the Finals, we understand that you probably won’t get to actually watch any games. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your fanaticism known with a new pair of hockey cufflinks. On Wednesday night, just before game three starts, plug a pair of hockey cufflinks into your favorite French-cuffed shirt, head down to the TV room, crack open a beer, and flip the channel to So You Think You Can Dance. (Or are you more of a Dogs in the City type of guy?)

The Tokens & Icons Hockey Puck Cufflinks (pictured left) are made from a puck that was used in NHL gameplay on the ice at Madison Square Garden. Cufflink craftsman Robin Rotenier also makes hockey cufflinks in skate-and-puck and stick-and-puck designs.

Wear your support on your sleeve(s).

Tokens & Icons Hockey Puck Cufflinks — $160

Robin Rotenier Hockey Stick & Puck Cufflinks — $345-$395

Robin Rotenier Hockey Skate & Puck Cufflinks — $345-$395

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