Iran Tightens Knot on ‘No Necktie’ Policy

iranian_neck_tieWhen you hear the word ‘decadence,’ what comes to mind? Chocolate? Foie gras? What about neck ties?

The Times of Australia reports: “Police in Tehran have raided shops selling men’s ties and thrown female attendants out of an international trade fair in a new drive against un-Islamic dress in the Iranian capital.

Apparently disturbed by a resurgence in popularity for the tie, police raided several shops in commercial districts across the city. Local reports said dozens of shops and market stalls removed ties from sale and several shopkeepers were fined for selling the items.”

The Guardian offers some background: “When the French first embraced the knotted neckerchiefs worn by seventeenth century Croatian mercenaries, few would have guessed its descendant – the tie – would one day be worn as standard business attire the world over.

Everywhere, that is, except the clerical establishment of Iran, which banned the sale of the garment after the 1979 Islamic revolution after deeming it a symbol of Western decadence and has this week moved again to reassert its sartorial will.

Ties had returned to boutiques and shops in the major cities under the reformist former president Mohammad Khatami, who relaxed many old restrictions. However, according to the semi-official Isna news agency, the religious police are now to enforce the often ignored ban.”

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