The Power of the Business Card Wallet

Alligator Business Card WalletDespite having been a business owner for 8+ years now, two things have consistently shocked me:

  1. how often I meet people who have services I need but who do not have a business card on them, and
  2. how often I don’t have my own business cards on me.

It’s embarrassing, really. You’re in business to do business. You never know when you’ll meet someone that should be your next client, partner, or investor. The only excuse for not having business cards on your person is if you honestly have more business than you know what to do with and there is no price at which you would take on more. Those people are few and far between.

I finally decided to do something that, I think, will put my non-business-card-carrying days behind me: I bought a business card wallet. Well, not just any business card wallet: Mulholland’s Business Card Wallet in American Alligator. Well, not just any alligator: tangerine alligator (do you know how hard it is to find a tangerine colored alligator in the wild?).

To be fair, I’m killing two birds with one stone on this gratuitous purchase: I needed a business card wallet, but I also want to be able to show customers how nicely the tangerine alligator ages over time. It becomes a beautiful burnt orange with wear, but you’d never know it from the bright, glazed look it has when new. So I’ll use this for a couple years, build a nice patina, and then leave it in the display case at the store so future customers can see how it evolves.

While I’ve only had the case for 4 days, I’ve carried it with me every day, and I’ve refilled it with cards every night since I’ve been giving them out every time I’ve needed to. I suspect, with the few extra sales I will earn by having my contact information handy, that this will end up paying for itself in a couple of months.

Mulholland Alligator Business Card Wallet  $540

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