US Open “Jungle Bird” Shops Bills Khakis

Jungle Bird

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Jungle Bird and Ian

Yes, Andrew James Dudley, the US Open “Bird Man” flew by the store today. Just a regular Jungle Bird seeking some Bills Khakis for those hot summer days spent protesting deforestation. Dudley is actually a writer and an affable environmentalist–a gentleman, really–and he spent a few minutes talking with us and taking pictures with fans.

Besides deforestation, Dudley is working on a book about sarcopenia (to be published next year). Sarcopenia is essentially the erosion of lean muscle mass, which leads to a shut down of the body. And, coincidentally, today, 6/21, is Sarcopenia Day. So drop down, and give yourself 20. Your muscles deserve it!

Next up for Dudley? Finishing his book and writing a column on deforestation for the Huffington Post. What else? Well, the Olympics are just around the corner.

Get in touch with Dudley at Facebook and Twitter.

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