Well Done, Giants Fans

Pablo Panda SandovalThis past week, invigorated by a momentous home stand against the LA Dodgers, Giants fans got out the vote for the All-Star race, nabbing four spots on the starting roster for the NL team. This left the taste of sour grapes in the mouths of snubbed fans across the country–especially in Queens, New York, where Mets 3rd Baseman David Wright lost a narrow race to the Giants’ Pablo Sandoval.

Here’s a round-up of reactions:

From the Mercury News: “OK, Giants fans, maybe you’re aware, but the rest of the nation is dumping on you for stuffing the ballot box and putting Pablo Sandoval in as an All-Star Game starter.”

One sample comment we read on an ESPN blog about All-Star “misses,” from a poster who blew his cover of neutrality with his handle, David Wright2012MVP:

“Giant Fans, you guys are officially the worst, dumbest, and biggest embarrassment of fans of any sport in the world.”

Funny thing, I sensed from reading our Giants Extra blog that Giants fans actually feel a little bit of guilt over this. Word of advice: Don’t. It’s the flippin’ All-Star Game. It’s just a freak show anyway. Deserving guys don’t get in. Undeserving guys do. It’s been happening since 1933. They could have 100 players on each roster and there’d still be crying about some injustice. It provides copy for think-tank nerd sportswriters (I could name names, but the list would be far too long).

Bottom line, it’s no big whoop either way. Look, Pablo out and out stole the spot. We all know it.” read more

From the Chron: “Pablo Sandoval’s All-Star ballot victory over David Wright fails to scandalize on a grand scale.

It did, however, jolt Mets general manager Sandy Alderson into his first Twitter post since he sent out a picture of his dog in April.

“Wright vs. Sandoval: A city of 8 million was outvoted by a city of 800,000,” he tweeted.

Wright has played better than Sandoval, and in the poll of players and coaches, he won in a landslide. He won’t start at third base in Kansas City next Tuesday because the fan vote suddenly and spectacularly went Sandoval’s way in the last lap.

That quick swing of almost 2 million votes became the obligatory annual travesty of the All-Star vote. The anguish over such trivia is a tired ritual.

Or it was. This year, the Giants’ partisans enlivened it.

The club’s marketing department did work that the Romney and Obama campaigns should study. The old political machines got votes merely out of dead people. The Giants’ staff got votes, 2.29 million, for the idled Freddy Sanchez, who finished fourth among National League second basemen.” read more

From Yahoo Sports: “[Mets manager] Alderson, while showing he’s got the backs of appreciative Mets fans along with Wright, doesn’t really have much of an argument. This is how we determine the All-Star teams, for better or worse, and everyone knows it. Rather than ripping other fans (or complaining about his own), he should take stock in knowing that the Giants simply did a better job of motivating their fans to use the system to their advantage. The Mets must have failed, because Wright isn’t starting a game he “should.” Pretty amazing, as Alderson said himself, given the population difference between San Francisco and New York.” read more

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