The Hawaiian Shirt — Time for a comeback?

Elvis Hawaiian ShirtGQ has this post on the history, decline, and resuscitation of the Hawaiian shirt. Here’s an excerpt:

“It looks like it’s going to be a wavy season. And no, we’re not playing weatherman, we’re talking about all those loud, patterned shirts. Once a pop culture castoff (the stereotypical garb for overweight tourists), the Hawaiian (or Aloha) shirt is returning to its storied roots. Vibrant prints peppered with pineapples, surfers, leis, and pretty much anything else even remotely related to the beach have been trimmed down, and elevated from clueless to cool. [...]

It was only a matter of time before designers found the Hawaiian shirt, as iconic American silhouettes are continuously pulled from the archives. And with temperatures rising into the unbearable, (and carefree, summer attitudes seeping) it’s hard to ignore the spirit of quite possibly the most jovial garment of all time (togas be damned). Read the rest

So, what do you think? Time for a comeback? Or leave it in the closet?

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