The “Last” Mirror

Mirror made from old Shoe TreesWe’re in the process of purchasing furniture and fixtures for the new space (among other things) and this morning, received an email with the photo at right.

Still waking up, eyes not totally focused, I wondered why our interior designer was sending me a mirror that looked like a sunflower or an exotic necklace? Upon closer inspection, the “petals” are actually old shoe trees. From crazy to genius in 3 seconds flat. No idea where we’re going to put it but not sure how we pass it up, either.

The guy holding the camera taking a picture of the mirror is Nick Walker of Nick Walker & Associates (our interior design firm for the new space). His top priority is to find every piece of furniture ever made out of shoe trees. We’ll keep you updated on his progress…

P.S. We’ll use this post as an excuse to remind everyone that we offer free shoe trees on all shoes $250+. An investment in quality shoes deserves no less. 

P.P.S. The wooden molds used to actually construct shoes are often called “lasts” hence the reference in the title. If you have a better pun, we are open to ideas.

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