Huffington Post: “The New Wingtip Will Be Super Fly”

wingtip_by_on_the_flyKind words from Julia Plevin at the Huffington Post this morning:

“As members flip through the wine menus made from signature leather they come across a weekly brief of club events. There’s a Humphrey Slocombe ice cream social, a dominos tournament, and a legal trip to Cuba on the schedule.

At 6:30 p.m. Arad announces a tour of the soon-to-be new and improved Wingtip. Yes, Arad’s vision is finally becoming a reality. On the Fly just signed a lease with the owner of the old Bank of Italy building on Montgomery Street.

“We could not spend a nickel here and the store would look a lot nicer,” says Arad as he leads a tour of the National Historic Landmark that will be the future home to On the Fly retail store and the Wingtip club.” Much more over at HuffPo

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Written by davidmacfaddenelliott

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