The world’s best cotton now available

We are very excited to now offer Thomas Mason shirting fabric, which will be a new option for made-to-measure Antonio Valente shirts.

Thomas Mason has been one of Europe’s finest mills since 1796. They are renowned for their high thread counts, and were even called on during WWI to create a thick, waterproof shirt for pilots who patrolled over water. In the 1930s, they became the exclusive cotton supplier for Turnbull and Asser, who in 1981 were given a royal warrant by Prince Charles, a devotee of their shirting.

Thomas Mason’s cottons have only gotten better over the years, and today their finest threads come from Egypt. In 1992, they were acquired by Albini, as was David & John Anderson. Together, they pooled centuries of English shirting knowledge, and continuously revisit their design books to invigorate contemporary fabrics with a hint of their history.

Mason’s book of white shirting has 80 options alone. Don’t think you need that many options for your white shirt? Flip through the book and you’ll see how versatile and varied the weave and texture make the classic white shirt.

Below, you can see examples of Mason’s white fabric options, as well as offerings from Cotonificio Albini. (Yes, selections from David & John Anderson will be joining them in the near future.)

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