Sport: North Korea’s outrage, Banksy’s Olympic art; more



From the Telegraph UK: “The opening day of competition in the 2012 Games ended with the first diplomatic incident of the Games as organisers were forced to apologise to North Korea for displaying the flag of bitter enemies South Korea before their women’s football match against Colombia.

…The error came when the teams were being introduced to the modest crowd in Glasgow, and the South Korean flag was shown on the big screen in a video package.

The North Korean players were horrified when they saw their faces appearing alongside the emblem of their fiercest rivals.

The players then refused to appear for the scheduled 7.45pm kick-off, and only emerged after negotiations and profuse apologies by officials at the venue.

Organisers were already braced for a rare meeting between the two countries in the men’s table tennis, following yesterday’s draw.” read the rest


From UPI: “Banksy, the enigmatic artist of 2010’s Exit Through the Gift Shop, unveiled two new works of street art just in time for the Olympic opening ceremonies this Friday, despite warnings from London police, who have said they will remove any public graffiti they find.

The two images were posted to Banksy’s web site Monday — one depicts an Olympic javelin thrower holding a missile, while another shows a pole-vaulter jumping over a barb-wire fence onto an old mattress.

The locations of both pieces were not identified.” read the rest


Some may still be fuming over Ralph Lauren‘s Chinese-manufactured US Olympic uniforms. After seeing this slideshow, we’re just glad our Olympiads’ uniforms are better looking than Spain’s. In other news, Hickey Freeman just unveiled these regal Olympic crests; and if you haven’t seen them yet, The Gap rolled out a series of tees printed with Olympic logos of yore.


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