What ban? Foie flourishes in CA

foie_sliderPrior to the great foie gras ban of 2012, restaurants were abuzz with foie-themed going-away parties, like the last days before prohibition. But now that the ban has been enacted, the focus has been on how to get around it.

First we heard Presidio Social Club was flouting the foie ban on the grounds that they are situated on federal property. Today, Huffington Post¬†notes a few more ways to get around the ban: …Restaurateurs and chefs are using loopholes and clever wordplay to keep the dish on the market, a sign that passions run high on both sides of the issue.

Chefs at Hot’s Kitchen in Los Angeles County and Chez TJ restaurant in Mountain View, Calif., are giving away foie gras as free additions, arguing that the ban does not explicitly prohibit distribution.

Other establishments, like San Francisco’s Palio d’Asti, are offering to have their chefs prepare any foie gras brought in by customers.

Rob Black, the executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, said these actions reflect how the law created an “environment where you don’t know what’s legal. It creates confusion what restaurants or distributers can or can’t do.”

“I think the law has some major loopholes, and we cannot extend the law,” said Animal Care and Control Deputy Director Kat Brown.¬†Read the rest.

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  • Very interesting. I’m fascinated by the whole “BYOF” (Bring Your Own Foie) phenomenon. I’m guessing they have to charge some sort of “corkage” fee? Bizarre. Foie gras admittedly tastes amazing, but I’m not sure I’d go to that length to eat it…

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