Mulholland Bros feature in SF Chron

Mulholland_sewingThe SF Chronicle ran a feature on Mulholland Bros., one of our favorite local brands, over the weekend. There are some new stories here that we hadn’t even heard yet. Click through to read the full article and see more pictures.

Jay Holland eased out of high school with a 1.0 GPA. He took an 11-year break between his freshman and sophomore years in college and never graduated.

Yet today, Holland is reinvigorating Mulholland, a family-owned leather-goods company where the bison hide bags come with a 300-year guarantee, and the icon is his 1965 Ford truck, its interior resplendent with glitter vinyl, black and white cowhide and the company logo stitched into the seat.

“It’s pretty obnoxious, but it turned out well,” he said.

Like everything Mulholland, there’s a Holland family story behind the truck, the company name and much of what they sell.

A Sacramento dealer thought he’d pulled a fast one on Holland, a gearhead who bought the thing, drove it around the corner, made some tweaks and zoomed off with a classic in near-perfect running order.” read the rest

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