The most exclusive cloth on the market: Dormeuil’s Matterhorn Blue

matterhorn cover170 sheep. 170 suits. That is how Dormeuil, one of the world’s premier fabric mills, celebrates their 170th birthday.

The “Matterhorn Blue” fabric was woven into eight separate patterns. And while overall there is just enough fabric to produce 170 suits, there can only be 18 suits — worldwide — in the fabric we selected. The merino sheep that produced this wool live a happy and luxurious life in pristine New Zealand hills (See them in their video here) — a stark contrast to the Alpine conditions evoked by the mixture of blues in the fabric.

The fabric really is in a class of its own, and extremely detailed. A variety of weaves and subtly different shades of blue yield stripes of varying width, which are then accented by a lavender pinstripe. The remarkable construction lends this fabric it incredible textural distinction.

We can’t wait to see this fabric turned into a suit. So, down to brass tacks: The Matterhorn Blue fabric costs $1,600/yd (a suit will require 4 yards), so you’re looking at an $8,000-$11,000 suit depending on which of our tailors you choose. And of course, you can always just buy the cloth and take it the tailor of your choice.

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