Who’s afraid of the big bad bow-tie?

bill_nye_tieLike all skills, tying a bow-tie takes practice. But we’ve all learned how to tie things. You learned how to tie your shoes, right? Unless you’re in velcro wingtips (shudder), that’s probably going well for you. How about the neck tie? You’ve probably got at least a couple techniques for tying that knot by now. Some of you might even know a slew of fishing knots.

Personally, I do not. But I have taken some time to work on the bow tie.

True story: this past spring I tied my four groomsmen’s bow-ties, two while en route to my wedding. I just couldn’t teach the guys in the few minutes we had to get ready.

But there’s another bow-tie aficionado, who also happens to be an educator, that can help. You may already know him. His name is Bill Nye the Science Guy. And in this video on YouTube’s Nerdist Channel, he takes you through tying the bow tie with the same pizzazz he used to bring to helium.

If you’re ready to try it yourself, we just got a bunch of Wingtip bow ties in stock (so fresh, they are not on the website yet). There is a multitude of colors and patterns (e.g. cross bones). Or, for something more advanced, check out the Edward Armah reversible bow ties (there are a few on sale at the moment).

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