Sport: Pants shopping with 35-inch thighs; Cameroon defections; sports photography

Maybe you were one of the people making pointed “Thunder Thighs” jokes while watching the track cycling events. Turns out, this is no laughing matter. In fact, shopping for pants is a big problem for those bikers who lug around barrel-sized quads.

Greg Bishop, of the NY Times, writes: “This often leads, of course, to what cyclists call the pants problem. For years, [Cali champ Beth] Newell pestered one company executive with her campaign for “keirin cut” jeans: roomier in the quad, less so in the waist. Keirin is a type of cycling race.

[British track cyclist Chris] Hoy told the British newspaper The Guardian that women often approached him and said they did not want to cycle because their thighs would look like his. Those thighs, he tells them, give him the power to accelerate.

But Hoy must also buy pants two sizes too big to accommodate them. Sharp said a Brazilian jeans store in Philadelphia, now defunct, used to cater to cyclists, who would descend on it from all over the world.” read the rest



Andrew Hough, Telegraph UK: “The seven athletes, including the entire boxing team and half its swimming team, were reported missing earlier this week in a major embarrassment for the African nation.

Authorities admitted on Tuesday that the five boxers, swimmer and a female football player were feared to have left in order to stay in Europe for “economic reasons”.

Team officials informed the government about the possible defections on Monday night after rumours swept the Games Village, in Stratford, east London, that the athletes had gone missing….

The group are not yet breaking British immigration rules after new accreditation rules, introduced to bypass normal visa procedures, meant all Olympic athletes, and their families, could stay in the country until early November….

It is understood that none of the seven athletes have yet applied for asylum in Britain. read the rest


PLUS: Want to shoot like the above multi-exposure photograph? Check out the Telegraph‘s compilation of Sports Photography tricks.



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