A Chair fitting of the Fitting Room

Wingback Chair in Dormeuil Super 120sWhile you’re trying on your new suit made from Dormeuil’s Matterhorn Blue, you may have brought a friend or SO along for the fitting. Or perhaps you need to rest your feet while waiting for the tailor to steam your coat. You’ll need a place to sit. A wingback chair seems appropriate. But the run-of-the-mill upholstery fabrics are so “built-to-last.” We thought we’d go the opposite route, and drape our Fitting Room’s chair in a Dormeuil Super 120’s wool with the selvage prominently on display running up the cushion and back of the chair. It is, as you’d expect, an incredibly soft & luxurious chair. It certainly won’t wear as long as a traditional upholstery fabric; it’s not meant to. But hey, life is short.

The Fitting Room in the Bank of Italy’s old Safe Deposit Box vault should be opening Tuesday, September 4th. Stay tuned for professional photography…

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