The Cufflink Library as Wall Art

cufflink-libraryAs you exit the elevator on the 10th floor to enter the lobby of the new club, to your left will be a new, beautiful display for our Pocket Square Library. Look to your right, and you’ll see 50 floating shirt cuffs, each showcasing a single cufflink. Of course, its partner will just be in a cabinet down below so members with access to the Cufflink Library will be able to more easily visualize how any particular link will look on their wrist.

The photo at left is a work-in-progress shot of the Library in the lobby alcove.

To simplify things for members (although not the club in the short-term), future access to the Cufflink Library will be automatic after the purchase of any 2 pairs of cufflinks in a rolling 12 month period. No annual fee. No monthly fee. Those that regularly purchase cufflinks will expand their collections by an order of magnitude with access to our Library. While not automated yet (we’re working on it), if you believe you have purchased two pair in a year, let us know and we are happy to provide you access to the Library as it currently exists in the club’s bar.

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