The Pocket Square Library

Netflix. Zipcar. “Collaborative consumption”: the idea that you pay for access rather than ownership. In our case, it started with our Founder bringing in his own collection of pocket squares for members to borrow. It resulted in members frequently purchasing the squares they were borrowing.

With the new space at 550 Montgomery comes upgrades in every aspect of our business, and the Pocket Square Library is no exception. Now, rather than being silks artfully displayed on a tray, we’ve created a dynamic piece of wall art in the lobby of the new club.

The library consists of 48 4-and-a-quarter inch pockets, hand stitched with Gütermann Skala 200 invisible thread and affixed to a gallery mounted frame. The fabric is a navy twill of Dormeuil Royal 12, a 12 oz wool.

The pocket squares are a mix of Edward Armah Pocket Circles, Seaward and Stearn, Margo Petitti, our own Wingtip brand, as well as some odds-and-ends of cloth we liked, and a few vintage squares that have forgotten their provenance along the way.

If a pocket square library is just the resource you’ve been seeking, why not drop us a line about becoming a member?

Of course the Pocket Square Library is just the beginning. We have introduced a Cufflink Library (photos to come in a few weeks), a Tie Library, and there are at least three other categories where we hope to expand our members’ options for accoutrements. Access rather than ownership.

Oh, and if you’re interested in learning some of those folds, check out these PDF tutorials at Lord Whimsy’s blog.


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