Behold, the 744 Shell Cordovan

It’s been tough keeping this boot under wraps. But the day is here.

At left, Ami gets his new pair of 744s shined by Kea Lani, our new in-house shoe shiner. You might wonder why you would get a brand new pair of shell cordovans shined, but just yesterday Lani told us that after a shine, ‘If the shoe doesn’t look better than when it came out of the box, then I’m not doing my job.’

Wolverine will be with us today from 4pm–8pm to celebrate the release of the 744 LTD in Horween shell cordovan leather. There are only 1000 pairs of these boots worldwide, and today many of those boots will be released into the wild.

Need another reason to visit? How about a complimentary shine?



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