Weatherproof Ventile Pant by Bills Khakis

Bills Khakis Ventile PantIt’s 1941. You’re flying your Fairey Swordfish over the Arctic Ocean, somewhere off the coast of Norway, escorting a convoy of English mercantile ships. Not far away, through the thin, frigid air, you can feel the presence of German U-boats and destroyers, all those things you like to shoot up.

But they get to you first. You feel the bullets chewing up your right wing. You pull up, bank hard. You shook ’em, sure, but you’re gliding now, slowly losing altitude. The nearest base is 80 miles away and you’re not going to make it.

Good thing you’re wearing your weatherproof Ventile Cotton Immersion Suit. That’s right, they’ve been scooping pilots out of the Arctic like ice cubes out of a punchbowl, and Winston Churchill got sick of it. Now he’s ordered up one of these extremely-tightly woven cotton immersion suits for every RAF pilot. At the first hint of moisture the cotton swells, allowing just enough space for breathability while keeping you totally dry. Hypothermia used to set in after just a couple minutes; now you have nothing to worry about.

About 100 feet off the water now, you’re kind of looking forward to bailing out.

Seventy years after it rescued the British fire-hose industry from a flax shortage and protected a generation of pilots from very likely events of water landings, Ventile cotton is still the go-to fiber for sportsmen who seek a high-functioning material with natural breathability, and city dwellers seeking an all-winter khaki.

Bills Khakis Ventile Pant — $395


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