Craft Spirits Carnival This Weekend: Catching up with Organizer Cornelius Geary

We drink microbrews by the growler-full and have been known to visit the humble dwellings of garagistes for a 2 oz. pour of cult cab. But this weekend Fort Mason hosts a three-ring, two-day, 100+ brand symposium (read: tasting)
on the nuances, regional distinctions, and craft-renaissance of unabashed liquor. In observance of the hard stuff, we got in touch with Firewater Partners CEO and Founder Cornelius Geary to get the low-down.

How did Firewater Partners get started?

We were formed at the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the expelled lava of Halemaumau on the Big Island of Hawaii.

You already run an exciting wine festival, where did the idea for the SF Craft Spirits Carnival come from?

At the last few SF Vintners Markets we added a selection of boutique spirits producers and regional distilleries. Our event attendees loved the additions and quality so we decided to expand the format with Craft Spirits Carnival.

Besides an array of craft spirits, what can guests expect?

Fire and brimstone, knife wielding maniacs, death defying acts of sheer madness. But we were denied elephants and camels by the powers that be. But more specifically, we have organized some amazing entertainment to augment the ultra-premium spirits tasting.

Could you explain the Try & Buy aspect of the event?

Attendees will have the opportunity to buy on the spot select offerings from the event via our retail partner CASK. If you find something you really like, you can take it home on the spot.

Hypothetical: 10 minutes til an asteroid hits the earth. What’s your last drink?

Suntory Yamazki 18 whiskey with a giant ball of ice while sitting at the Wingtip bar of course!

Craft and Spirits Carnival douses Fort Mason this weekend, 10/13–14. For tickets and more info visit

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