Frank Sinatra Wine And Roses Wingtip Look

Dress Like The Chairman

In honor of Frank Sinatra’s birthday (he would be a young 97 today), we’ve put together some looks based on his album covers. These looks are good for jet-setting, formal occasions, and, well, just swinging.

Frank Sinatra Come Fly With Me Wingtip Look

Hat: Paul’s Hat Works “Downtown” in rabbit felt (We’re still working with the ladies at Paul’s Hat Works to get some extra-wide hat ribbon like Sinatra often donned on his headgear; let us know if you’re interested in your own wide-ribboned hat.)
Jacket: Wingtip two-button, notch lapel with grey and blue pinstripes.
Shirt: Antonio Valente French-cuffed dress shirt.
Cufflinks: Tokens and Icons Syracuse stadium seat cufflinks.
Pocket Square: Peter Millar pin dot in green.
Tie : Peter Millar “Mogador” track stripe.

Frank Sinatra Wine And Roses Wingtip Look

Hat: Paul’s Hat Works “Trilby” in rabbit felt (currently available through Bespoke).
Jacket: Wingtip peak, grosgrain lapel, one button (covered) dinner jacket.
Pocket Square: Wingtip silk satin in silver.
Bow Tie: Wingtip satin Charvet cut.

Frank Sinatra Swing Easy Wingtip Look

Hat: Paul’s Hat Works “Fillmore” in rabbit felt
Jacket: Peter Millar “SB Milano”, 100% wool (please contact Bespoke for details on MTO Peter Millar apparel)
Vest: Wingtip “Dean” in smoky purple herringbone
Shirt: Antonio Valente trim-fit dress shirt in light pink.
Tie: Wingtip polka-dot in purple.
Pocket Square: Wingtip silk satin in Champagne.

(please contact Bespoke for details on all Wingtip apparel)

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