How to Celebrate A New Liquor License

Yesterday, our club’s liquor license was activated, and we can’t think of a better way to enjoy this incredible development than with a wee dram of 35-year-old single malt whisky from the Brora distillery.

You might not have heard of Brora, since the distillery was shuttered in 1983, but, thankfully, their existing production has been aged and bottled. Brora actually dates back to 1819, when it was known as Clynelish. The better known Clynelish distillery in operation today is just down the road from the old Brora (both in the town of Brora, for the somewhat confusing record).

Read the rest of the storied history of Brora over at Malt Madness. And if you’re a Wingtip member, stop by for a dram–it’s expensive, yes, but it’s a taste of history that won’t be around much longer.

(Interested in becoming a member? Visit the club site to request a tour.

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Written by davidmacfaddenelliott

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