For the aficionado: Commonwealth Cedar Spills

The butane torch may be the fastest, most weather-resistant way to light a cigar, and the match may be the most common. But there’s a third choice –which many would argue is flammologically* better– the cedar spill.

The main reason to use a piece of cedar to light your cigar is that it doesn’t impart any unnatural flavors like sulfur. They also tend to burn slowly which allows you to properly toast your cigar, rather than scorching it. Commonwealth Cedar Spills expanded on this idea by creating beautiful, laser-engraved wooden boxes to hold their spills. As the Commonwealth people put it: “Roast and Toast, don’t Torch and Scorch.”

Spills have existed historically in the forms of crumpled rolls of paper, sticks, firework punks, or any long thin flammable tool that will help spread fire. Cigar smokers will sometimes tear the cedar sheets from cigar boxes into spills.

For sale in the store only. $30. While we’d love for you to buy some from us with our logo, if you’re not near the store, you can buy them online at Tell Tom we sent you.

* We know “flammologically” is not a word, but it should be.

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