Gentle Swagger: A Visit to Wingtip

Over at Gentle Swagger, blogger Andrew Hudson posted some flicks and a recap about his visit to Wingtip last week to get fitted for a shirt by Erik, our Bespoke consultant:

“Tuesday I went into Wingtip again to get started on the custom shirt I’m having made. It was a fun, informative experience. If you’ve never actually worked one on one with a tailor before, definitely try it at least once, just to pick up some of the jargon. Do you know what a gusset is for? Or the advantages of different types of cuffs? The answers turn out to be fascinating. Gussets reinforce delicates points on the shirt and, on the tail, keep it from untucking. On the cuff, I ended up going with an off-center buttoned mitre. The off-center to give the end of the cuff a slightly wider, unbuttoned look.”

read the rest at Gentle Swagger.

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Written by davidmacfaddenelliott

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