Now On Display: The Works of John Schreiner

At Wingtip, we have taken Bank Of Italy founder A.P. Giannini’s bank vaults and repurposed them in a variety of ways: As a fitting room, as a repository for customers’ clothing measurements, as a shop for watches, cufflinks, and ties. And now, in the lobby vault, above the copious amount of silk neckwear, we have hung our first art show.

In the lobby floor vault, we are currently displaying a series of collages/assemblages by John Schreiner, which he created from his own compulsive collection of aftershave-scented bric-a-brac.

From bowling to cocktails, and fathers to sons, the images in Mr. Schreiner’s work evoke an American masculine tradition, seen through the confused and fascinated eyes of a boy. It’s almost as if this imagined artist/boy snuck into his father’s closet and stole a few commonplace reminders of manliness: A Beeman’s gum wrapper, a dry cleaning claim tag, and a razor blade–which he then took to the spines of his parents’ magazines, jaggedly slicing out anyone in underwear or a good-looking suit.

The result is nostalgic at first glance, masculinity atomized. But pick apart the juxtapositions and the pieces are subverted with dark streaks. If this youthful perspective is so innocent, why does the blade in “Under There” turn paper into blood? And is the woman in the image above really a bombshell, or is she the effect of the man’s cocktail-tinted-eyes? (The name of the piece, “Cocktail Fantasy,” suggests the latter.)

Try to unravel the artwork yourself, in our vault, during regular business hours.

— John Schreiner Bio —

A long time professional in the arts, John Schreiner has a BFA in Graphic Design from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Working in the television industry, John honed his skills in layout, composition and color. Earning three local Emmy awards, he has created the visual identities for several television stations.

A history enthusiast and lifelong packrat, John has compiled and saved compelling visual images and objects all his life. This has been a source of minor frustration to his beautiful yet understanding wife, Ingrid. Combining his love for images and composition, John’s true passion has become collage.

These collage/assemblage works are made entirely of vintage materials and found objects [left: “Pinups and Pulltoys,” 2012]. John uses the Old School approach to his art, almost always, without using photo reproduction or computer enhancements. Each piece is unique and completely one of a kind.

Through the juxtaposition of antiquated photographs, advertising images and found objects, John creates works that are both strange and familiar. The artist calls these compositions “nostalgic surrealism”.

His work has earned a “Best In Show” award at the Las Vegas Art Museum and has been exhibited at Gallery 21 in North Beach and The Sebastopol Center for the Arts. He also exhibits regularly at the City Art Gallery in San Francisco.

The artist is available for personalized commission work.

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