Thursday: Dormeuil Trunk Show

In 1963, a few years before Michael Caine gave the name Alfie a face, novelist Bill Naughton had to dress the titular playboy of his novel “Alfie” in a believable way, and he knew just which fabric to choose:

“I was wearing a navy-blue suit,” recalls Alfie in the novel, “in a material called Tonik, made by Dormeuil, and I didn’t want it spoiling. I don’t care whether a bird uses Max Factor Mattfilm or Outdoor Girl from Woolworth’s, if she starts purring up against your lapel, it won’t look the better for it.”

Tonik was–and is–the fabric of choice for mods, jazz cats, and guys on-the-go who need a crisp looking suit that will drape nicely even after a 12-hour flight.

And Thursday, from 12pm to 7pm, in Bespoke, Luke Mayes and Dan Stevenson of Dormeuil are in house with their incredible collection of cloths, ready to suit any demanding occasion that your inner-Alfie can think of.

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