Bespoke Pop-Up: Summer Ties by Greg Walton

Next This week, Bespoke hosts Greg Walton’s hand-crafted tie pop-up. Mr. Walton will be creating ties from scratch, in folds ranging in number from three to seven. And featuring options like un-tipped and hand-rolled edges.

“I’m excited to wardrobe-build and work with [Bepsoke consultant] Erik Gavrilov in putting summer outfits together,” says Mr. Walton. “We can offer services at Wingtip that you don’t find in a normal department store.”

Mr. Walton embarked on his quest for the perfect neck tie about five years ago, initially gleaning the craft from the annals of internet wisdom. But “the important techniques aren’t taught online,” he says. “There’s lots of trial and error involved.” Over time Mr. Walton’s skills approached and then exceeded the demands of off-the-rack consumers. (That’s when we got interested!)

So, stop by Wednesday 3/27 through Saturday 3/30, 10am to 5:30pm to check out Mr. Walton at work. He will have ready-made summer ties ($130), including linen and seersucker (pictured), and he will have a variety of fabrics in tow–including grenadines, handkerchief linen–to inspire your custom tie requests ($140+, depending on the fabric and construction).

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