On Pour: 100 Years of Highland Park

First things first: Highland Park Whisky isn’t a Highland whisky. The distillery earned the name for being on a plot of land called High Park, which happened to be higher than the surrounding land. The distillery is actually even further north than the Highlands, in the Orkney Isles off the northern tip of Scotland (like the neighboring Shetland Isles of Shetland sweater fame).

Geography is one thing, but to help our members get better acquainted with Highland Park, we are pouring 100 Years of Highland Park, that is, 12yr + 18yr + 30yr + 40yr, which equals a veritable education in the aging of Scotch. The flight is available to Wingtip members for $100.

Bartender Brian MacGregor notes that, “Where we may not be the only place in northern California to try the Highland Park 40 we are the most reasonably priced. You can try it three different ways in the flight, by the ounce, or by the full 2 oz dram. It is a rare treat to be able to find all four Highland Park expressions and even a rarer treat to try them in a flight.”

And for good measure, here are a few tasting notes from the distillery:

12 Year: The core expression of the Highland Park range and is a smooth, balanced single malt, with a rich full flavour and a gentle smokey finish.

18 Year: Perfectly balanced single malt with a toffee sweetness and a mouthwateringly smokey finish.

30 Year: Fudge sweetness together with complex aromatic spices and dark chocolate orange.

40 Year: Spicy and aromatic with a background of rich dark fruits, Nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon zest and darkest chocolate. The use of refill casks, allows, Highland Park’s trademark smoke to be retained, even after 40 years in wood.

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