Two Cannes Looks: Gatsby Fabrics and Jewel Thieves


Earlier this, week Baz Luhrman’s “The Great Gatsby” opened up the 2013 Cannes film festival. We were very excited to hear that Dormeuil worked with “Gatsby” producer Catherine Martin to provide the fabric for many of the film’s Roaring 20s-style men’s suits. Although the famed and film-used Sportex (unveiled in 1922–the same year that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book takes place) is now retired, three fabrics that were in the film are currently available through Bespoke:

From left to right: Fabric #885070, from the Naturals book, is a deep navy in a summer blend of 55% cotton, 25% linen, and 20% silk; #316259, a Royal 12 Classic, is a fancy stripe in 370g 100% wool; and #307300, from the Amadeus book, is a classic, plain black, which was selected for Gatsby’s high-sheen tuxedo.

The official word is that the first two fabrics were also worn by lead players, but we’re not sure just who wore them. In fact, we’ll take 20% off a Dormeuil-cloth suit for the first person who can conclusively identify those fabrics–885070 and 316259–in the film. Which actor/character wore them? And in what scene? (Email your sleuthing to


It’s not all Champagne and red carpets on the Croisette. It was reported late last night that a million bucks worth of CHopard jewels had been stolen out of a Suite Novotel Cannes Centre hotel room. The thief had drilled through a hotel wall and absconded with the safe intact (Details via the Hollywood Reporter).

So, if cat burglary is your bag, we recommend leaving the suit at home and going with this classic, time-tested get-up (in cashmere):

Both the Wingtip Gentleman’s basic turtleneck and the ribbed beanie are created by Scotland’s Johnstons of Elgin.

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