S.T. Dupont Revelation

Wingtip wants to apologize to it’s members who have had to light their cigars with matches or run-of-the-mill lighters (rumors have it someone had to use a Bic lighter once but we can’t confirm that). It’s downright embarrassing.

The good news is those days are almost behind us for good. Coming soon is S.T. Dupont’s latest Limited Edition release, Revelation, that will be loaned to the club’s Cigar Lounge so members can hear that trademark “PING” when they open the lighter. To quote Charles Barkley from back in the day: “anything else would be uncivilized.”

This is just the latest effort in our experiments with “collaborative consumption.” Whether you own a Dupont lighter or not, all of our Cigar Lounge visitors will be able to see, feel, and hear why S.T. Dupont dominates 70% of the luxury lighter market. Access rather than ownership.

Shop S.T. Dupont here.

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