Agave Denimsmith Founder Jeff Shafer on 2013 Denim

We recently got in touch with Jeff Shafer of Agave Denimsmith to get the backstories behind some of our favorite new Agave jeans. Here they are, in the words of the man himself:


“Sometimes it’s what to don’t see that makes something perfect. Agave’s Portland Indigo Rinse starts with cotton grown in Georgia, then milled into denim at Cone Denim’s historic White Oak plant in Greensboro, NC. After being cut and sewn into Gringo Classic Cut Straight Leg jean, all that is done is a hot water rinse. No stones, no bleach. Dark denim, pure and simply stated.”

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Also available in the Waterman fit


“Agave’s Purest Classic Cut Straight Leg jean is cut in perhaps the most exotic and luxurious denim every made. Woven on vintage shuttle looms by weavers in Italy, this denim is the perfect lightweight blend of cotton and linen. The gray color is unique and perfect for travel and adventure.”

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(and don’t miss their linen shirting)


“Black denim is back! The Pragmatist Classic Cut Straight Leg from Agave features a plain-back pocket and clean details, combined with Cone White Oak Black stretch denim. This truely 100% Made in America masterpiece is perfect for both the office or an evening soiree.”

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Also see the Pragmatist Silver Star Flex Rinse


“Supima Cotton is The World’s Finest Cotton. Japan weavers create the most coveted denim. Agave blends them into the perfect summer Gringo Classic Cut Straight Leg jean that is Made in America.”

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Thanks to Jeff Shafer for his contributions to this article!

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