Barbour’s Steve McQueen Collection Now Over 40% Off at the Risk / Reward Sale

Barbour’s Steve McQueen Collection is now over 40% Off as part of our twice-yearly Risk / Reward Sale. Here’s a little story about why McQueen’s still relevant, even still controversial, though he no longer walks–or rides–among us.

Flagstaff City Coconino County Public Library — Spring 2013

An adult section snooper thumbs through Darwin Porter’s biography, “Steve McQueen King Of Cool: Tales of a Lurid Life,” and is immediately scarred for life by the coolness, demanding the book be banned.

An ensuing inquest by the library’s board, (excerpted above) decides otherwise. Library Director Heidi Holland comments on the case: “They were surprised that someone would want a biography taken off the shelves; and Steve McQueen being such a celebrity made [the book] all the more valuable.”

Our take? Steve McQueen, long gone, is still causing a ruckus. And we’re not the only ones who like that. Check out Barbour’s continuing homage to the sportiest rebel H-Wood ever knew. (Now over 40% Off!)

    Re: Steve McQueen

  • Best known (around these parts anyway) for tearing around San Francisco in a fastback Mustang in the 1968 actioner “Bullitt.”
  • Lost the 1970 12 Hours of Sebring Race to Mario Andretti, by 23 seconds.
  • Had to choose: Race in the Le Mans? Or make “Le Mans” the movie?
  • Oscar noms: 1 (1966’s “The Sand Pebbles.” We haven’t seen it either. We put it at the top of our Netflix queue.)
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