New stemware from Riedel / Michael Ireland’s ‘desert island’ wines

Riedel, the pre-eminent name in stemware is now available online and in store. So we asked Wingtip wine director Michael Ireland why Riedel stemware is the go-to name for wine industry professionals. Here’s what he had to say:

“As a sommelier and a lover of fine wine, I am constantly searching for ways to not only enhance my wine experience, but also to gain a more clear assessment of each wine tasted. The best way I have found to heighten my enjoyment and accurately judge wine is Riedel stemware. The care put into each shape and size is unparalleled and I find the thin glass very important: The last thing I want to taste while enjoying wine is glass!
The Sommelier Series from Riedel is the ultimate expression of not only the passion of the Riedel family, but the experience and science they put into the creation of each hand-blown stem.

People often ask me what my ‘desert island’ wine would be, I find that hard to answer. That being said, I can tell you whatever wine I enjoy as my last will be enjoyed in a Sommelier Series stem.

Here are three top picks that are currently available at the Wingtip club:
1. Bonneau-du-Martray, Corton-Charlemagne, Burgundy 1998 in a Montrachet glass.
2. Keplinger, “Lithic,” Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedre, Amador County 2010 in a Hermitage glass.
3. Prager, “Klaus,” Riesling, Smaragd, Wachau, Austria 2010 in a Grand Cru Riesling glass.”

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