Stand-Up Style With Ron Carter: Six Accessories Besides his Bass

Bass giant Ron Carter visits Yoshi’s in Oakland this Wednesday and Thursday. Carter’s influence has spanned generations–he’s likely the only musician to have worked with both Miles Davis and A Tribe Called Quest–and throughout his career, he’s maintained the wardrobe of a stylish iconoclast. Although his bass is his foremost “accessory,” Carter has found experimented with detailed flourishes throughout his career. Here are a half-dozen examples:

One of his frequent accessories was the pipe, giving him a relaxed elegance while he played–and also mimicking the curve and material of his wooden-bodied instrument. We picked ours up from Dunhill. ($1056 Currently 50% Off )

The name of this 1995 record says it all. Here’s a Risk/Reward Sale option from Wingtip. ($125 Currently 58.75 )

The bracelet on his right hand draws attention to his nimble finger work. Here’s a sleek, braided option from Jan Leslie. ($180)

The lapel slot is an underused option for making a statement. We can’t quite see what Carter has plugged into his, but we’ve been big fans of Edward Armah’s fabric floral boutonnieres this Spring. There are still a few left at a deep Risk/Reward discount. ($30 Currently $14.10)

Not afraid to take risks, Carter went through some out-there looks in the late 60s and early 70s. Sure, it’s it’s easy to feel secure when you have keyboardist Herbie Hancock and drummer Billy Cobham anchoring your music, like Carter had on this set, but try dressing up your collared shirt with a scarf or with an ascot–just to get out of your comfort zone. Wingtip ascots ($195)

For the formalist, the tuxedo shirt stud set is the piece de resistance–now just practice, practice, practice, and get yourself a gig that warrants it. Jan Leslie studs and cufflinks. ($450)

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