Free Stamps? Free Stamps!

Bespoke Stationery for MenThe rest of the world may have moved on to email, Facebook, Twitter, and encrypted communications that the NSA can’t read (good luck!), but at Wingtip, we still believe in the power of the hand-written note. Preferably on personalized stationery. Ideally, letterpress. In fact, we’ll help you design your own personalized, letterpress stationery.

While some of our customers and members have ordered their own stationery to keep the art alive, we, as a company, have not done all we can to encourage others to practice the hand-written note. Today, we take a stand.

Wingtip members may now see the front desk for a free stamp for every hand-written note that is written at the Club. The note need not be written on stationery purchased from us, but that’ll always make us happiest. Form letters with a signature do not qualify. Bulk mail does not qualify. But a note written in a member’s own handwriting, done at the club, can be stamped and mailed by Wingtip at no cost to the member…just for helping us keep the spirit of the hand-written note alive.

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