The Largest Ascot Library in the Free World

Let’s preface this with the fact that we are not claiming to have the largest selection of ascots in the free world. We have no idea who can stake that claim. Nor can we be sure what Kim Jong Un’s ascot library looks like (although we are pretty sure he doesn’t let people borrow his), hence qualifying this with “in the free world.” And to be honest, we didn’t even do that much research to verify that there aren’t, in fact, other Ascot Libraries elsewhere with whom we’re competing for this distinction. But our gut says we’re okay on this one.

The Club has offered a Pocket Square Library for over three years now where members can literally check out a pocket square, wear it for a few days or weeks, turn it back in and check out a new one. The success of the Pocket Square Library then led to the creation of a Cufflink Library, stocked with 50+ pairs of cufflinks across a variety of styles including classics, novelty, stones, enamels, metals, and more.

The Cufflink Library begat a Tie Library, which begat a Scarf Library, which most recently begat the Ascot Library stocked with beautiful, reversible ascots from Ceravelo.

Never tied an ascot before? Ceravelo shows you how.

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