December Wine Club Selections

The Club’s Sommelier, Michael Ireland, had the following to say about December’s Wine Club selections: bubbly for the holidays.

Members of the Single Bottle club are receiving:

René Geoffroy, “Volupté,” Brut, 1er Cru, Cumieres, Champagne, France 2006 – “Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy is the most fanatical wine-freak I know in Champagne and his wines reflect that enthusiasm.” – Terry Theise.

From my glass here in San Francisco, it seems to me that Terry and Jean-Baptiste (vigneron and owner of Rene Geoffroy) are a bit at odds. They talk with each other about balance, RS, etc… and have some very different opinions. This is one of the reasons I love these wines so much; they are a dichotomy to Terry’s personal tastes, yet the respect he has for Jean-Baptiste and for the Domaine instructs his importation. These are not super-crisp, lean, razor-sharp Champagnes. Indeed Cumieres is one of the warmest regions of the Vallee de la Marne and Champagne itself. These are wines firstly of weight and breadth. Secondly, in the hands of Jean-Baptiste and his understanding of his terroir, these are wines of thought and conversation. I love the juxtaposition of the rich, creamy body with the steely, mineral core. This wine will age for quite awhile, but is delicious now and should do well at your next Holiday celebration. The details: 80% Chardonnay/20% Pinot Noir with no malolactic fermentation. To add to the body, Jean-Baptiste ages 94% of the wine in large wood.

Members of the Double Bottle Club are receiving:

Domaine Tissot, Crémant du Jura, France MV – Yes, I know. It’s written all over your face; why would you ask me to drink bubbly from the east of France? Well, because this one is, in a word, delicious! The style of Champagne I most enjoy is that nutty, creamy, aldehydic kind. Think Krug, Selosse, Bollinger. This wine occupies the same space at a fraction of the price. All Chardonnay, grown biodynamically and aged in old wood, this wine and a hunk of Comte would pretty much just about knock me out. Throw on a little dark honey and some Marcona almonds and I’ll lose my head. This wine will age nicely, but honestly, please open it ASAP and then let me know how more bottles you want. There are not a ton available, but I know a guy…

Caraccioli, Méthode Champenoise, Brut Rosé, Santa Lucia Highlands 2007 – Again, settle down. You read correctly. I have selected for you a domestic sparkling wine from the Central Coast. this wine comes from the windswept hills of the Santa Lucia Highlands and it is because of this that Caraccioli can make crisp, fantastic bubbly. Creamy and all Pinot Noir, this wine delivers on all fronts. It’s fruity and creamy, but dry and focused. As above, because of the crisp nature of the wine, it will age well, but will also drink for your next celebration. In fact, I might say that opening this bottle is a celebration in and of itself! Get drinking! Oh yes, and pair it with pretty much anything except dessert!!!

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