Le Nez du Whisky: 54 Whisky Scents

One of our favorite gift ideas, the Make Scents of Wine Aroma Kit, has just been released in a new edition for the Whisky lover in your life. Here is a write-up on the kit from Sebastien Gavillet, Make Scents of Wine’s Chief Wine Officer and author of “Discovering and Mastering Single Malt Scotch Whisky.”

Le Nez du Whisky was developed by Jean Lenoir in collaboration with Scotch Whisky Master Sean MacLean (the Master of Quaich) and Martine Nouet. The Le Nez du Whisky is designed to train oneself into recognizing the 54 most commonly found aromas in whisky / whiskey. Like the Le Nez du Vin (Le Nez du Whisky’s counterpart for wine aromas training), this whisky aromas kit comes in a gorgeous case containing 54 Aroma Vials and the 143-page Le Nez du Whisky Instructional Book.

The Instructional Book talks about the olfactory memory; by understanding how your brain processes scents and smells, you will learn how to improve your ability to recognize and identify whisky / whiskey aromas. It discusses how whisky is made and provides information on the world’s whisky regions. In its pages you’ll find a new classification of whisky aromas, an aroma wheel, a detailed list of whiskies / whiskeys classified by aroma, and a description of the origin of whisky/whiskey aromas.

The Le Nez du Whisky is a must-have olfactory memory training tool for whisky / whiskey lovers, just as Le Nez Du Vin and Le Nez du CafĂ© are must-have tools for wine and coffee enthusiasts, respectively. As the Le Nez du Whisky Instructional Book will tell you, your ability to recognize scents depends on your scent memory. To put it simply, if your brain has no name for a particular scent (that is to say, if your brain has no memory of a particular scent), then even if your nose smells or “senses” it, you still won’t be able to recognize or identify it.

The Le Nez du Whisky works by telling you the names of the most common whisky / whiskey aromas AND teaching you what these aromas smell like. The detailed aroma-by-whiskies classification (over 1200 whiskies/whiskeys listed) also provides a viable starting point in training yourself to recognize the aromas found in specific whiskies / whiskeys.

Keep practicing with the Le Nez du Whisky and you will be able to embed the most common whisky / whiskey aromas in your olfactory memory. Once you have mastered the Le Nez du Whisky, you’ll see a marked improvement in your ability to recognize whisky aromas in your subsequent whisky tastings. A fun, educational way to master the language of whisky/whiskey. And a most original gift ideas for your favorite whisky lover.

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