Quick Market Recap

After London, it was off to New York for the big menswear show called MRket (MR is a trade magazine for the menswear industry, and this is their show). Between the MRket show and showrooms in Manhattan, probably 80% of what will appear in the store this fall was ordered last week. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the highlights:

  • Fox UmbrellasPeter Millar: there’s always too much to talk about with Peter Millar. We have great sweaters, pants, shirts, shoes, and outerwear coming, as always, but if I had to pick a piece that I think will be the runaway hit this fall, it’s a well-priced, soft-construction Travel Blazer. We’ll also be bringing in their #1 seller, the Merino Wool V-Neck sweater, in something close to two dozen colors.
  • Bills Khakis: the GTH pants for fall are bold as always, and we’ll have all of them coming in, but for the most part, we want long on their two best selling fabrics — Original Twill and Vintage Twill — in a lot of different colors. The outerwear from Bills’ was also too good to pass up, so expect a number of great coats, all made in the USA.
  • Sport coats: long on tweed. Some Harris Tweeds, some Robert Noble. Donegals. Club checks. Buffalo checks. Also called an audible on spring, and added a Cashmere/Linen story in five colors just for fun.
  • W. Kleinberg: we’ll be bringing in more casual belts but the reversible concept we’ll be introducing is the game-changer as far as the belt game can be changed.
  • Golden Bear Sportswear: in addition to bringing in some classic leather jackets (think Motorcycle, Bomber), we’ll also be introducing a made-in-San-Francisco Wingtip Varsity Jacket.
  • Pantherella: if you haven’t yet tried the Escorial socks, they really are noticeably more elegant than Pantherella’s already elegant socks. We’ll have more Escorial, cashmere, argyle, and Vintage Collection socks coming.
  • Fox Umbrellas: we’ll be stocking four styles: a golf umbrella, travel umbrella, the classic John Steed umbrella from the Avengers (black canopy, whanghee handle), and an exclusive-to-Wingtip umbrella (we’ll keep its details a surprise).
  • Cufflinks: we have a steady supply of beautiful new cufflinks coming from Robin Rotenier, Jan Leslie, and Codis Maya among others.
  • Miscellaneous: we will likely be bringing in another high-end leather goods line, a great new dress shirt program, a new (but old) British grooming brand, some new formalwear looks, and an ultra-high end shoe brand from Europe.

In other words, lots of great stuff to come.

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Wingtip Founder & CEO, Ami Arad is the quintessential modern gentleman. He has distinctive taste, an eclectic style, and dresses for every occasion. Ami developed his vision for Wingtip at a young age; even back in high school where four years of speech and debate meant weekends wearing a coat and tie, he was in his element. Years of working in upscale men’s clothing stores and socializing in cigar shops, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, inspired Ami to develop Wingtip, a men’s specialty store and private social club.

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