Nat Sherman Cigar Tasting [Recap]

Nat Sherman’s Director of Premium Cigar Sales, Ike Karipides, was kind enough to stop by the Wingtip club this past Friday for an informal tasting. Here are a few of our notes and photographs, recorded by Wingtip Store Assistant Tim Niven:

Generally speaking, Nat Sherman cigars are not too spicy or too bold. The lines offered at the tasting were the Timeless collection [in the brown and black boxes], the Sterling [in the orange box], and the 1930 [in the cream box].

Although the brand has always been a benchmark of quality–and I myself have enjoyed quite a few of their Cigarettellos and Naturals cigarettes during poker tournaments over the years–they revamped their cigar lines about two years back.

The Timeless was spicy and pepper, but not overpowering. This balance landed the Timeless Collection #2 on Cigar Aficionado’s Top Cigars of 2012 (coming in at #10).

On the other end of the spectrum, the 1930 cigar, wrapped in Dominican and Nicaraguan leaves, is the richest corona and the most full-bodied cigar in the Nat Sherman collection. It pays tribute to the year that Nat Sherman was founded.

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