Dents Touchscreen Gloves are back in stock

Having just spent 17 days on the road in January, including 10 freezing cold days in New York and Toronto, the topic of gloves is fresh in my head. Specifically, the times that I had gloves with me but they were rendered useless because my phone rang or I needed directions, and with an iPhone, that meant taking off my gloves to get the touchscreen to recognize movements. When it’s 8°F, and you’re fiddling with your phone, it doesn’t take long before a finger freezes and falls onto the sidewalk (it happened to me twice).

Who can forget the soaring sausage sales in South Korea in 2011 when kids there discovered that frozen sausages were “electrostatically compatible with the iPhone’s capacitive touchscreen, leading many to use them as a ‘meat stylus’.”

So Dents, who has been making gloves in England since 1777, developed a proprietary technology that is embedded in the fingertips of their Touchscreen Gloves so that there is no need to remove them to use your touchscreen phone. Genius. Back in stock in the store and online. And a whole lot cooler than carrying around a “meat stylus.”

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