New Looks From Alfred Dunhill For Spring 2014

We have recently received our first shipments of spring clothing from Alfred Dunhill. Here, Wingtip Wardrobe Consultant Alvin Lampkins mixes and matches with their new shirts and jackets from Alfred Dunhill, as well as some neckwear from Spring 2013 (New Dunhill neckwear will arrive in the very-near future). See the links for more details.

“I’m keeping the options for these two jackets tonal, with varying shades of blue. I’m also looking for medium-sized patterns mixed with small patterns to keep everything balanced.” (On left: Indigo Damien Jacket, $1650; Herringbone Weave Business Shirt, $250; Raised Stripe Tie, $150. On right: Royal Blue Brewer Jacket, $1750; Foster Blue Check Casual Shirt, $225; Paisley Pip Tie, $125.)

“Against the checked shirt, the tie has its own grid, created by the propellers. It’s whimsical, but the patterns still blend. In the background, you see the aqua knot-patterned tie against a striped shirt. Pure, sophisticated elegance.” (In front: Oscar Navy Check Business Shirt, $250. In back: Oscar Multi-Blue Striped Business Shirt, $250; Eight Knots Tie, $125.)

“The madras tie and striped shirt contrast nicely with the solid, royal blue jacket. Another option is to keep it simple with the button-down plaid shirt.” (Royal Blue Brewer Jacket, $1750; Oscar Multi-Blue Striped Business Shirt, $250; Medium Madras Tie, $150; Billy Navy Check Casual Shirt, $250.)

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