This Friday: Bourbon + Boots (A “Thought Piece” From Brian MacGregor)

When I think of Bourbon and Boots, I conjure up images of days past, wearing a pair of Doc Martens and slugging back cheap whisky on the way to a punk rock show. Really: In those days, the only way to avoid an ass-stomping was to wear the biggest boots. Now-a-days, as I settle into a more mature state of mind, I still love my whisky–as any reader of this blog knows–and I still love to wear a nice pair of boots, but the ass-stomping days are behind me as I wade into eternal adulthood.

Now I tend to sip on a great bourbon or scotch as I unwind at the end of the day (usually still listening to the punk rock [See: NOFX, at left], I am not giving up on all things youthful after all). As far as the boots go, while I still have a pair of Doc’s, I now prefer the comfort of a well-made, worn-in pair of American-crafted boots, in particular, the Wolverine 1000 mile boot. They work well for sloshing around behind the bar, or just running around doing weekend errands–Gag! I sound so much like an adult when I utter such fuss. But, hey, it’s the truth. As we all get older, our tastes tend to refine.

While this may sound like a middle-aged man lamenting his lost youth and the newfound comforts of adulthood, there lies an ulterior motive beneath my memoir, to encourage you to enjoy Bourbon and Boots this Friday.

When was the last time you bought a great pair of boots and got a free bottle of great bourbon?

Well, that is just what is happening this Friday, February 28 at Wingtip. For every pair of Wolverine boots you buy, you get a complimentary bottle of bourbon–either Elijah Craig 12 Year or Henry McKenna Bottle in Bond, both of which we sell in the club, and both of which are outstanding bourbons. You can also learn a little bit about the brown spirits that accompany each purchase by chatting with Tracy, the Bay Area’s local representative of Heaven Hill Distillery. Not to mention, you’ll be able to sample (read: sip) while you shop.

So, get off you duff and upgrade both your footwear and your liquor cabinet. (And don’t hesitate to still skank the night away, even if you are older and nursing one bad knee!)

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Brian MacGregor

Wingtip Bar Director Brian MacGregor has tended bar in San Francisco for over nine years, learning his trade from such local legends as Jeff Hollinger, Jonny Raglin, and Thad Volger. Although he credits his cocktail crafting skills to these fine practitioners, he learned the art of hospitality at a very young age from his father, a career bartender in his childhood home of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Brian has, for three years, creating award-winning drinks and building an extensive collection of rare and fine spirits at some San Francisco’s most acclaimed bars and restaurants such as Jardiniere, Jasper’s Corner Tap and Kitchen, and Absinthe Brasserie and Bar. Currently, Brian resides in San Francisco with his wife, Carey, a bartender herself, their two cats and their greyhound, Pooka.

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