Oscars Style Odds (We’ll pass on the awards)

Ever since the pool of Best Picture nominees swelled from five to a possible ten, we’ve been disinclined to make any serious wagers on these ridiculous awards. So, this year, we’re presenting our totally unofficial, irredeemable, and for-your-entertainment-purposes-only (even if you’re not entertained) Men’s Oscars Style Odds.

Dallas Buyers Club, gold tuxedo jackets, Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Oscars Style

Someone from the Dallas Buyers’ Club crew wears a gold jacket 6:1

Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers’ Club nominee for Best Actor) wore a gold tuxedo jacket to the Palm Springs International Film Festival this year, and Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers’ Club nominee for Best Supporting Actor) wore the look to the Oscar Nominees luncheon. Maybe it’s time for Dallas Buyers’ Club director Jean-Marc VallĂ©e to give the look a try?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jordan Belfort, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Three-Button Suits

Leo buttons his bottom button 2:1

To button or not to button? Conventional wisdom discourages buttoning the bottom button of your suit jacket, but Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Actor nominee for The Wolf Of Wall Street) has stubbornly refused over and over again. He could sidestep the issue with a one-button tux jacket, but the safe money is on a two-button (both buttoned) look. [Above: DiCaprio leaves the button undone as the fictional Jordan Belfort, but he can’t decide which way to go in real life.]

Samuel L. Jackson, hats, Oscars, Baftas, 1995 Oscars, Pulp Fiction, Oscars Style

Samuel L. Jackson Wears A Hat 4:5

The backwards Kangol has long been a trademark of Samuel L. Jackson, and while he tones down the logos for awards shows, he, nevertheless, is often behatted. The above photos, ranging from 1995 to 2013, make this one look like a toss-up. But this year, he’s not a nominee or even part of a marquee film like last year’s Django Unchained, he’s just presenting. So we bet he goes with a hat–we’ll even give 4:1 odds that it’s a Kangol. (Though we think the Goorin Bros.’ Esteban is the way to go.)

Oscars Hosts, Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Hathway, Tuxedos, Oscars Style

Ellen DeGeneres Outfit Changes: over/under 2.5

Yes, this year’s Oscars host, Ellen DeGeneres, can wear menswear better than alot of guys. And while 2011 host Anne Hathaway famously shuffled through eight outfit changes (including a nice-fitting tux, above), we bet Ellen sticks to one central tuxedo. We’re taking the “Under.”

Bill Murray, Black Tie, Hollywood Black Tie, Accents, Oscars Style

Bill Murray accent colors: o/u 3.5

No one does black tie Oscars style quite like Bill-Freaking-Murray. He will be presenting an Academy Award for the first time this weekend, so we’re expecting a splash–but how much of a splash? This is the guy that wore mixed madras on the Croisette. One plaid and this bet is almost safe–throw in a pocket square and it’s a lock. [Above left: The Moonrise Kingdom premiere at Cannes; above center: Grand Hotel Budapest premiere this month at the Berlin Film Festival; above right: 2013 Golden Globes.]

Martin Scorsese, Wolf Of Wall Street, big glasses, Oscars Style

Martin Scorsese’s glasses: o/u “dark chocolate”

We’re used to seeing him rock, chunky black frames, but Martin Scorsese showed up to the Golden Globes in a much lighter hue this year. Will he return to black-on-black for the Oscars?

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