New Looks From Agave for Spring 2014

Wingtip Wardrobe Consultant Alvin Lampkins mixes and matches Agave’s Spring/Summer collection with accoutrements from Sperry-Topsider, Goorin Bros., and Bills Khakis. See the links for more details.

“For 2014, Agave was inspired by beach and ocean colors. Their new shirting is reminiscent of workwear, but very comfortable, with a texture of washed gauze. It’s like workwear-at-play. Similarly, their five-pocket trousers have a pre-washed quality, which makes for a very soft feel.”

“Here, we took Agave’s beach sensibilities and gave it a very preppy accent with Bills Khakis’ canvas d-ring belt.” Jefe Japanese Soft Plaid Cotton Shirt in Small Indigo Plaid ($205), Rocker D-Ring Canvas Belt in navy (6 colors available; $55).

“Another way to pair these outfits with the beach-inspired theme is with the Sperry-Topsiders, a traditional American brand that is white hot hip right now. The two-tone seen here is a boat shoe, which I we like to think of as the American counterpart to the European driving loafer.” Top photo: Jefe Japanese Soft Plaid Cotton Shirt in Small Indigo Plaid ($205), Sperry Top-Sider Made In Maine Boat Shoe; bottom photo: Craftsman Japanese Neps Chambray Shirt, Sperry Top-Sider Gold Cup Authentic 2-Toned Boat Shoe, Rocker

“Pairing these outfits with Goorin Bros. hats makes them perfect for today’s hipster. From the bottom up, you have your Railroad denim (Jonah Newsboy, $42), your summer tweed (John Milton Flatcap, $36), and the Moretti Fedora ($38) with the thick, accentuated band–giving it a hipster meets Rat Pack look.”

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