Introducing The Wingtip Suit

This Friday and Saturday, we are officially unveiling the Wingtip Suit. It will be available in three fits and a multitude of fabrics (including Scabal, who visit Wingtip for the occasion!). The suit is an American-made, custom-tailored garment. Each suit’s fabric is individually cut and hand-finished by highly-skilled craftsmen.

Styling options include: lining, buttons, vents, personal labels, functional sleeveholes, and more. “Tell us what you’re thinking for your suit, and we’ll show you how we can do it,” notes bespoke advisor Bruce Zuckerman.

The three available fits are Modern, Italian, and Classic. We have a wide range of try-on sizes in each fit available for you to get started. Your measurements and specifications will then determine the final cut. (Or, as store manager Michal Alzona puts it, “Fit, fit, fit.”)

In addition to our suit unveiling and Scabal fabrics, Nettleton Shoes, innovators of the original loafer, will be making their long-awaited return to Wingtip. For more on Nettleton, please see last fall’s interview.

Our Wingtip suiting event runs all day Friday and Saturday, 3/28-29. Refreshments will be served Friday afternoon. To make an appointment with a suiting consultant, please contact

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