Wingtip Liquor Store Updates [PHOTOS]

The Wingtip Liquor Store is steadily growing, from its splashy debut in Urban Daddy, to the roll out of its initial wine selection. We thought it was time to share some pics and catch up with Wingtip Bar Director Brian MacGregor on the Liquor Store’s progress…

Wingtip: How did you curate the collection downstairs?

Brian MacGregor: I make sure there is a selection of benchmark expressions from each category, along with some fun discovery brands, and as many collector’s pieces as I can get ahold of.

WT: What’s the rarest bottle currently on the shelf?

BM: The rarest bottle is the Talisker 1985 Maritime edition. It was just released, and we were only able to procure a few bottles. But with a little persistence we will keep getting tightly-allocated items as they become available, and be able to offer them to our members as well as our shoppers.

WT: What’s next for the liquor store?

BM: I am going to attempt to take over the entire store at wingtip with nothing but gin, whisky and mezcal. No more clothes! [ED: We think this is a joke.]

WT: What will you add to the selection next?

BM: We will be working on developing an extensive selection of independent bottlers’ Scotch, like Gordon & McPhail, A. D. Rattray, and Cadenhead’s.

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