Maserati Test Drive at Silver Oak Cellars

This past weekend, Silver Oak Cellars and Maserati Of Marin hosted an event for a small group of Wingtip’s most devoted gearheads.

Both the Ghibli and the GranTurismo convertible (also called the GranCabrio in Europe) were available for drives. Not surprisingly, given the gorgeous weather and the extra 100 horsepower, the convertible was the favorite. It was a shimmering beast, with a purring exhaust that had been finely adjusted by a piano tuner–yes, really. And it prowled through the hills of Napa at rapid speeds while sticking to the ground like a lava flow. The 404 horsepower Ghibli, brand new to the U.S. market with its sights set squarely at Mercedes’ E-Class, Audi’s A6, and BMW’s 5 series, did not get nearly as much road-time considering the allure of the aforementioned pop-top. However, members and the public alike all cooed over its paint color, a shimmering hue called “Blu Emozione” which was the visual equivalent of the raucous exhaust note.

After the drive, members sipped through a vertical tasting of Silver Oak’s ’09, ’07, and ’03 Napa Valley Cabernet varietals; each expression had something to say, from the fresh, mouth-watering ’09, to the well-adjusted, take-me-to-your-prime-rib ’03. To mark the event, there was a sample bottle of the ’09 engraved with the Wingtip marque and is available for purchase through the club (Brad borrowed the bottle, so keep an eye out for it in the wine cave).

The next driving event, is on the horizon with Maserati Of Marin’s “other” brand–Ferrari–along with invitations to this month’s Ferrari Challenge races in Sonoma.

Thanks to Silver Oak Cellars for their generous hospitality, and to Maserati of Marin for letting us test-drive their stellar automobiles.

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