Davidoff Royal Salomones: Now Available

A very special and rare cigar has arrived to Wingtip: the Davidoff Royal Salomones. Historically, it has only been sold through Davidoff’s own stores, but with our large Davidoff presence in the store, and the budding business we’re doing with them through our partner, Telford’s of Mill Valley, we have a box of 50 available for sale in individual cigars.

Davidoff Royal Salomon Part 1This is a cigar for either a worthy celebration, or because you’re like me, and you have a compelling need to smoke anything new. At $70/stick, it’s not for the faint of heart. But it is a phenomenal smoke, and well worth trying once.

The Royal Salomon has a Dominican binder and seven different Dominican tobaccos making up the filler. The wrapper is Ecuadorian. At over 8 inches long, it is a two hour cigar (so, really, you’re just looking at $35/hour). As with all cigars Davidoff, it was very well made; the ash would frequently grow to an inch or more before falling. The flavor was very refined and consistent throughout the entire cigar.

Davidoff Royal Salomon Ash We have 41 cigars remaining (it was a box of 50 until we sold 8 and I took one to try), and we don’t know when we’ll see another box of these, if ever (we likely will, but we can’t say for sure). We also have an unopened box for sale for $3,500 if you’re looking for a very special gift for a cigar smoker in your life.

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